Monday, March 18, 2013

Take Your Time to Help People

You never know when your actions will catch the attention and affect another person.
This is a real post from Facebook.
I took this picture at Culver's in Mundelein and I hope this employee doesn't mind that I post this, but I wanted to share an awesome story. The customer he is speaking with is a special needs man, and I watched and listened from my booth as he patiently and politely spent about 15 minutes answering all of his questions. He asked about the menu, prices, and even this employee even went as far as t...o retrieve a detailed menu so that he could explain some of the nutritional facts. This employee could not have been more polite and at no time appeared rushed, even though other customers were waiting in line. I wish I could have gotten his name, but he was not wearing a name tag. I did go on to the Culver's website and left my comments, so I hope he gets the recognition he definitely deserves. Sir, I tip my hat to you and pray more people follow your lead in life. Thank you. Feel free to share this, maybe it will make its way back to this employee!

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